Publons Score

Publons Score

Name:  Publons Score

Can apply to:  Peer reviewed papers and conference proceedings.

Metric definition:  The Publons Score reflects the average 0-10 rating a paper indexed in Publons received in two dimensions, “quality” and “significance”.  The scores are generated by registered Publons members.  Publons is a service that allows researchers to share and receive credit for their peer review and editorial contributions.  As such, it is useful to authors as a potential source of pre and post publication peer review information on their paper.

Metric calculation:  The Publons Score is generated when registered members select a 0-10 rating in two fields, significance and quality.  A paper’s score is calculated as the average score across these fields and reviewers, but the the average score in each dimension (significance and quality) is also available.  Publons scores are not displayed until a manuscript has been published.

Data sources:  The ratings for significance and quality assigned by registered Publons members.

Appropriate use cases:  The Publons Score can be used to provide preliminary insight into how a paper is being received and evaluated within a research community.

Limitations:  Publons coverage is limited to and driven by the reviewers and publishers that opt to participate in the service.  Therefore, differences in quality or significance should not be inferred when comparing papers with and without a Publons Score.

Inappropriate use cases:  The Publons Score is not always an appropriate substitute for the full peer review process, by which manuscripts are improved based upon reviewer commentary over time,  and should not be used as a measure of research impact.

Available metric sources:  Publons,, Impact Story

Transparency:  Publons scores are always anonymous, and the number of review scores is not provided.


Timeframe:  Papers published after 2012.


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July 24, 2017