Policy mentions

Policy mentions

Name:  Policy mentions

Can apply to:  Primarily research outputs such as journal articles and books

Metric definition:  The number of times a research output has been cited in policy documents

Metric calculation:  The total count of citations to a research output in the policy sources being tracked by the metric provider

Data sources:  Governmental and non-governmental policy documents

Appropriate use cases:  Policy mentions can be used to demonstrate how research has influenced policy or the course of action in a particular field.

Limitations:  Research and researchers may influence policy and decision making in indirect ways that are not always trackable via policy citations (Konkiel, 2016).

Inappropriate use cases:  Policy mentions are not a direct measure of a research output’s effect on practice.

Available metric sources:  Altmetric.com

Transparency:  Via Altmetric.com one can access the full-text source of the policy mentions. However, Altmetric.com does not make their full list of tracked policy sources available.

Website:  N/A

Timeframe:  Altmetric has been tracking policy mentions since 2013.


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July 24, 2017